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Kategoriler: VLT DRIVE FC302

Danfoss FC-301P5K5T4H2XGX3XXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX Danfoss 134L2719 FC301 Automation Drive VFD Drive 460 Volt Three Phase Input and output voltage 7-1/2 HP 11 Amp. Variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors. Standard version (FC 301) helps save energy and high electricity costs, increases flexibility, reduces costs related to servicing and spare parts, and optimizes process control in industrial machines or production lines. Commissioning is easy due to plug-in technology and upgrades are a breeze. High-precision synchronization and position. Features such as Safe stop and Safe Torque Off ensure energy-efficient operation of the drive intelligent heat management and safety. Insured Low lifetime costs as the drive is highly resistant to wear and tear. Smart Logic Control reduced the need for PLC capacity. With an ambient temperature of 50°C without derating reduces need for cooling or oversizing.

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